I emailed the above two links to several friends with the simple comment, "Doctors from Italy and Pennsylvania reporting that Covid-19 appears to be weakening."

My libertarian and conservative friends replied with comments like "That's interesting" or "That's good news."

My liberal Democrat friends responded with fear. One wrote:

"Interesting, but I am afraid people here will read this and think we are out of the woods. This is not the case. There are already so many people who refuse to wear masks, which I feel is a disrespect to others. We don’t need people letting their guard down and relaxing their precautions because of what they are reading is happening in other countries. Italy lost tens of thousands of people before COVID-19 allegedly began to wane. It is good to be hopeful, but I believe too many people are being foolish instead."

She is so fearful, she would have censorship if she could.

Same stimulus, such different responses.