[QUOTE=Techdread;320320][QUOTE=shiny!;320318]The censorship, propaganda and thought control is so pervasive, I feel like I'm in the old Soviet Union that we schoolchildren were taught to abhor. 9/11 brought us the TSA and the end to travel privacy. Pretty soon we're going to be hearing "Papers, please!" just to be out on the street. [\QUOTE]

You have no bloody clue, how the old Soviet Union was none, so please don't equate a little hardship to save others and probably your life.
You need to get hold of a copy of Plague of Corruption, Restoring faith in the promise of science by Dr. Judy Mikovits & Kent Heckenlively, JD and at the least, read the Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, JR. When you do so you will discover that even the Soviets did not stoop so low as to harm the health of millions of their citizens; no excuses, read it.