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Thread: 1hr interview Chamath Palihapitiya - How to Invest in This Crisis

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    I quite liked him, but well...............did he say anything that we have not discussed here for the last 10-15 years?
    Default or inflation..........they tried to get inflation for years & failed, he hedged both to which method & time line.

    Bitcoin ?..............who has not be ripped off?............a electronic system "They" can kill at a flick of a switch.

    Every business will want to massively cut costs.........Gee, who of thought!
    "People can't won't want to buy stuff they don't need".......A blinder!

    Having been though the 1979/83 recession & the 89/93 one I think I know what's next.

    The Central banks baled out the banks in 08, this time the IMF will have to bale the "CB's" out.....with SDR's.

    Ps, just back from Walmart & two guys where shouting to each other.
    Both builders, they were discussing their staff & how they had to take on ANYONE who washed up at their door.
    No matter how crap they where, they no choice but to employ them..............not any more!

    Both guy were rubbing their hands with delight, now they get to pick smart reliable people, no piss takers .....I see a "Cull of incompetent" coming
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