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    With labs tooling up to look at genetic reasons for the different responses to Covid-19 infection, there might be simpler nutritional factors that aren't being looked at. Namely Selenium and Zinc.

    In 4 out of 22 Covid-19 deaths in King County, death was caused by cardiomyopathy:

    From the NIH:

    "Selenium deficiency produces biochemical changes that might predispose people who experience additional stresses to develop certain illnesses [6]. For example, selenium deficiency in combination with a second stress (possibly a viral infection) leads to Keshan disease, a cardiomyopathy that occurred in parts of China prior to a government-sponsored selenium supplementation program that began in the 1970s [2,5,8,23].


    I have read (but don't have sources to verify if it's true) that Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin when taken with Zinc might be effective because they drive Zinc into the cells where it disrupts the RNA replication of the coronavirus. This effect of zinc on coronavirus is why OTC remedies containing zinc are at least anectdotally effective in shortening the time of the common cold (coronavirus) when taken at early onset of symptoms.

    If true, then perhaps one of the reasons why some people get very sick from Covid-19 while others show little or no symptoms may have to do with their zinc loads.

    Since Hydroxychloroquine has risks (especially for diabetics taking Metformin) it seems like simply taking daily Zinc supplementation (no megadosing necessary) might help reduce risk of severe complications from Covid-19.


    Hydroxychloroquine might NOT be effective:


    African-Americans in Chicago are being disproportionally affected by Covid-19 compared to whites. Might nutritional deficiencies related to poverty be a contributing factor?


    IMO nutritional testing should be added to the other tests being done for every Covid-19 patient. Doing so might bring to light nutritional deficiences in different communities or segments of the population.

    EDIT: Personally I'm taking 22mg of Zinc Picolinate; 200mcg Selenomethionine; Vit. A and D3 (5:1 ratio) and 500mg Vit. C every day.

    EDIT: corrected typo.

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