Its hard for me to say this, but I want EV's to win.
Back in the day I ran some slower cars, then sold my motor bike & bought a Renault 5 GT Turbo.
I spoken many times about it, great car it was to me what the MP4 was to Senna. As time rolled on I found myself getting more & more powerful cars, RS1800, 306 gti-6 Honda name a few.

My last fast car was a Skoda vRS Octiva (VW Bora clone with a 20 valve Turbo engine).......I chipped it to 205 ish bhp. Very good car, very good brakes, not as fast though the bends as some I had but its +140 mph top end was "Helpful" when overtaking. I began to become a bit "disturbed" when on a number of times I found that an "unhelpfully" driven 2 litre turbo-diesel could make life troubling ........I began to see that what in the 80/90's even early 2000's would have been people whom wouldn't have had 100 bhp now had 180 bhp & to make matters worse 300 fbs of torque!

The torque was there before 3,000 rpm thus they didn't need to change down to get the engine on the cam......just see me coming up to pass & step on the gas. Even if it where a shift stick there would be enough torque to be unhelpful without a down shift. I am not talking about someone trying to race me, just being bloody minded about me overtaking them.

This is what a ex police traffic cop told me was called "Accidental performance" .........When he started chasing stolen cars was fun, he had a 3500 V8 Rover they have little chance. By the time he retired he seen high + 100 mph chases which they had to drop though fear for all concerned.

As many here know I long wanted the Turbo Diesel cars killed, I even written to Greta for help.