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the u.s. economy has been on life support for the last 2 months. but the fed has recently been tapering its purchases. when congress fails to pass another several trillion in bail-outs/helicopter money/state and local gov't support/whatever, and the fed's purchases dwindle enough, the ventilator tube will be pulled and we'll get to see if the u.s. economy can breathe on its own. it won't be pretty.

with the s&p at 3000 the fed won't pump much. it will take another swoon for them to intervene again. same story for this congress - it can't act except under the pressure of an emergency. [/COLOR]
Right now the US$ is weakening on the expectation the global economy is about to recover from the virus lockdown. Who needs the safe-haven US$ when things are improving.

These things take time time to play out I've learned. The hard way, LOL. The really hard way.
So I am expecting a tug-of-war between the fear mongering of a 2nd wave vs the euphoria of a pent up demand rebound.
Once we get past that over the next few months maybe some semblance of fundamentals will reassert.

They might hold it together until until the election.