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    Quote Originally Posted by Techdread View Post
    Your quoting the Daily Hate, you do know I am black...
    Excuse me, but what in Sam Hill does your race have to do with the price of oranges in California? I don't play cards, least of all race cards. So no, I had no consciousness about your race or anyone else's here. And I don't how it's relevant either to Orwell's all too prescient and ever timely novel or the actualities of the present crisis as reported by the United Kingdom's third-highest-circulation daily in publication since 1896.

    If you choose to convince yourself that there is no political motive at play here, that's your privilege. Carry on, but don't expect me to consent to this hallucination. The Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the Media are determined to use this virus to try to defeat Trump in November. CNN reported that Trump “is dodging responsibility” for the coronavirus. They continue to push him to lock down the country and are trying to blame every death on him for failing to act. Only a few months ago they were accusing him of being a dictator, an authoritarian in the mold of Putin. "Literally Hitler." Now they complain that he's insufficiently authoritarian. "Lock us down, shut down businesses, enforce it with police power!"

    Meanwhile, one in five people have already lost their jobs and unemployment is on track to reach Great Depression levels. If it's not clear to folks that the usual suspects are intent on making this political even as they cheer the destruction of the economy, it's because they choose to ignore the obvious reality. But hey, it's a free financial oligarchy. Do what you want. Just leave me out of it.

    And lay off Mike. He's entitled to his opinion just as much as anyone else.
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