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My Father died the way these people are dying now, I know the pain, the feeling of help-less...just waiting for him to pass.
I am fighting back tears writing this, but you know something?..........Gordon always taught me to be objective, exam the facts!

Around 35,000 UK people die like him that every year....that's 675 a week......the question that needs to be asked are these an EXTRA 675 or (as I suspect) people dying from "China Virus" whom would have died to any number of "Uk Virus"?

WE simply don't have stats in yet.

Oh, please we all die, that's just the human condition.
The facts we have seen what the Chinese had to do to contain their epidemic, we have seen northern Italy's hospitals get overrun by the sick not just the dying.
Your question is ******* irrelevant, left unchecked we might as well burn down all our hospitals.

Can you imagine what would happen if governments said to the worlds scientists the top five flu strains don't bother develop a vaccine for it, and those anti-virals just bin them we will just manage when these patients get to the hospital?