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Ironically one of the areas Trump got right even if for the wrong reasons. Expect that to be a talking point in the Fall.

China will definitely take a hit from this as many companies pull out or lessen China-dependence for either strategic or diversification reasons. It's unclear to what extent this will impact China.

This *may* start the rise of Africa which is one of the last bastions of low-cost labor and has the added advantage of not being a strategic competitor to the West.
I agree, the President will again campaign on that Fortress America policy and remind people. But right now his demands that "GM do this" or "Ford do that" aren't looking all that effective, and I'm not sure he has the attention span to actually push through the policy linkages needed to move the new government money where it should really be going in that regard. Might come across as too much like what the Chinese have been doing?

If there is a revival of manufacturing and supply closer to home I think it will be Mexico that will be the winner, not Africa.