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We will be wrestling with this for some time.

When is it appropriate to "re-start"? What is the criteria?

Re-start normal family life, such as visiting and hugging the grandparents.
Re-start normal community life, such as speaking in person with your neighbours and friends, share a meal.
Re-start a business.
Re-start a job (that cannot be done over a computer from the basement).
Re-start a club, team sport,

Where to from here? How does the era after this crisis unfold?

Do people develop a preference to avoid cities?
Do we see the re-emergence of the nation-state (Brexit to the power of n, worldwide), isolationist in inclination?
Do we develop a habit of being suspicious of others and maintaining a deliberate distance?
Do we continue the current path of "applying the paddles" of extending the debt supercycle to jumpstart our economies, or has it run its course and now force the need for different economic model(s) built out of the wreckage?

And finally, are we all going to come our senses and recognize the enormous price we are paying for doing the kinds of deals we have done with China? For nothing more than a short term economic gain...

Acting completely in character:

China exporting faulty medical equipment as manufacturing rebounds

China’s manufacturing rebounded in March now that Beijing began opening factories following the easing of anti-coronavirus measures, and the Netherlands became the latest nation to reject medical gear made in the country because of concerns over shoddy equipment, according to reports...

Meanwhile, the Netherlands joined Spain, Turkey, Georgia and the Czech Republic in rejecting China-made medical gear, claiming the items were substandard and questioning their quality as the number of global coronavirus cases passes 826,000...
This was interesting from Marginal Revolution on what might change.