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    Quote Originally Posted by Techdread View Post
    That's unfair on governments. Asian countries have had more experience with these disasters so they should have a better response.
    This virus is bad but it's not what keeps Academics up at night.
    Climate change is the Biggie but how many citizens really want to pay higher taxes to mitagate it?
    What about an Asteroid hit.
    Rogue AI?
    Governments are best at fighting old wars, because citizens whom live through it don't want to experience it again.
    Higher taxes aren't going to have any material influence changing the trajectory of climate outcomes, because no politician is willing to apply them at a high enough level to achieve the necessary magnitude of behaviour change. Anything less is just tinkering and virtue signalling, which is what has been occurring heretofore while climate measurements and forecasts are repeatedly revised towards ever more dire futures.

    There have been complaints China isn't doing enough to combat climate change.
    But what China just exported to the rest of the world is going to have by far THE greatest immediate impact to reduce manmade carbon emissions we've ever measured.

    Shutting down swaths of industrial economies worldwide (including China's), grounding large percentages of commercial aircraft, berthing commercial marine traffic, immobilizing huge fractions of the planet's workforce and quickly wiping out millions of bbls/day of oil demand will finally affect carbon emissions in a meaningful way.

    This abrupt, involuntary change will allow us to measure the results of taking a level of international action we could never agree to do voluntarily (Greta's histrionics notwithstanding).

    This virus event is unlikely to last long enough to influence aggregate atmospheric CO2 trend measurements (hysteresis), but it will almost certainly provide enough new data to better inform the debate.

    If climate change really is the most pressing issue facing the future of human existence on our planet, the shocker from all this might be the quantified confirmation of the magnitude of the changes we need to make in our economies and our lives. For example, we may discover that bailing out Boeing Commercial Airplanes to restore its production is exactly the wrong thing to do if we are trying to save the planet.

    Interesting times ahead indeed.
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