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And now they're telling us, "everyone should consider themself a carrier." Well if we're carriers, then all the more reason to wear a frikking mask! But they knew from the beginning that we didn't have enough masks to go around. Because no one made it a priority to spend money on preparedness. For the healthcare industry, designating funds for stockpiling masks and protective gear would have cut into their profits. For the federal government, it would have cut into their funding for endless wars and pork. For the states? It wasn't even on their radar.
That's unfair on governments. Asian countries have had more experience with these disasters so they should have a better response.
This virus is bad but it's not what keeps Academics up at night.
Climate change is the Biggie but how many citizens really want to pay higher taxes to mitagate it?
What about an Asteroid hit.
Rogue AI?
Governments are best at fighting old wars, because citizens whom live through it don't want to experience it again.