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There will always be a need for some employees. Stopping fraud & theft, discarding spoiled goods, collecting coupons, fixing the broken loop on self-checkout stations, correcting errors with wrong item or wrong UPC code that is broken, billing disputes, etc.

Warren Buffett bought a bunch of Kroger late last year. About 19 million shares at something like $26 per, so like a half-billion dollars for a company that is worth about $20, giving him about a 2.5% stake.
Kroger is the biggest pure-play grocery store. Their price to sales is crazy low because their margins are low. But the market is becoming more consolidated through all the PE roll up plays along with the strength of Walmart. Perhaps he saw more negotiating power by Kroger against Kraft Heinz and/or rising in-store shelf space rates and/or lost sales shifting across to higher margin store brand goods.
Just from my own observation the grocery business seem to be dividing like so many things into serving the haves and the have nots.
The few times I've been in a Walmart grocery store they seem dirty and disheveled with large packets of low quality meats and produce.

My local Kroger store is clean and organized, well staffed with higher quality products. I can order on line today, and tomorrow they will load it into my car during the 30 minute window I choose.
I've never investigated the price difference but I guess we spend an extra $150 a month or so to shop at the nice store with the nice food and the good service.
When I was younger and poorer I would have shopped for price alone and gotten by OK.