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Just from my own observation the grocery business seem to be dividing like so many things into serving the haves and the have nots.
The few times I've been in a Walmart grocery store they seem dirty and disheveled with large packets of low quality meats and produce.

My local Kroger store is clean and organized, well staffed with higher quality products. I can order on line today, and tomorrow they will load it into my car during the 30 minute window I choose.
I've never investigated the price difference but I guess we spend an extra $150 a month or so to shop at the nice store with the nice food and the good service.
When I was younger and poorer I would have shopped for price alone and gotten by OK.
Walmart has the resources to do groceries right, but it may be less of a priority for them given their trying to chase Amazon in ecommerce, them having a much more diversified revenue stream than Kroger, and a huge portion of Walmart's food sales is processed frankenfoods to the EBT audience (a welfare program generating illness, requiring more welfare expenses on healthcare after the diabetes sets in).

If Kroger punts on groceries they got nothing to fall back on.