I hate it when someone gets killed or hurt on the roads, either at the hands of a drunk/drugged or over criminal acts.
Such things should be punished fully, but real accidents do happen.


I am very sorry by this, but lets look at the facts.
The woman pulled out of the base & for a very short time became confussed about were she was in the World.

Where she was, was on the wrong side of the road...sadly with deadly results.

It took almost 45 mins for help to arrive, which did nothing to help the poor lad.

She was NOT drunk, or racing Or on her phone.....she made a mistake.....one that will haut her forever.
She did not flee, she worked with the police 100% she was honest.......

Then they told her she was looking at possable 14 years in jail.

I don't pin any medals on her, far from it.....but this seem to be an mistake, an error.
Should she be punished for it?............yes but 14 years!!!!!!.............seems well over the top to me.

Your thoughts?