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For what it's worth, there's a case to be made for $80 oil by the end of 2021. That is directing some of my ashes investigations in the burned down energy sector.
Hi GRG55,

I realise you rarely post specific investment ideas, but I know I, along with others I'm sure, would appreciate any insight you're prepared to share as to how you're going to invest in the energy sector. Add all the relevant boilerplate you like, that you're not licensed to give financial advice etc, etc, and I think most people here on iTulip are able to take responsibility for their own investment decisions.

I'd prefer to take your 'investment advice', even though I don't know you, then any financial advisor I'm likely to find.

Also, I remember EJ's post some time back:

GRG55: 1, EJ: 0

In regards to the huge drop in oil prices.

Thanks in advance, hoping you'll post some actionable advice.