It's this season's SARS/MERS. Maybe we'll call it WARS - Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome - or CARS - Chinese Acute Respiratory Syndrome? But this too shall pass.

The media in classic "if it bleeds it leads" fashion is working hard to panic people for the sake of clicks and eyeballs. But one imported case does not a pandemic make. The risk to Americans is lower than what, a car accident in their morning commute, slipping in the shower? We've got folks monitoring the airports, protocols are in force, and China seems to have learned its lesson from SARS and is being proactive and open.

The limited person-to-person spread is not at all unexpected. We should be more concerned with contracting the seasonal, garden-variety flu. Just stay away from Wuhan, get a flu shot, wash your hands often, let your sick employees stay home, and all will be well.