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    Quote Originally Posted by santafe2 View Post
    The MAX is a hot rod. This is a 50 year old plane with a big modern engine that has no business on a 737. Like any other hot rod, the big, heavy, engine tends to break other components of the the 50 year-old elegant design. So how do you fix your mistake? Software, and a sensor that tells the ill designed aircraft not to climb too fast. Then, when your software and sensor fails and the badly designed hot rod 737 nose dives into the ground, call it a software problem, not a design problem. Never admit that your hot rod is just a back yard, grease monkey jalopy.

    In the future, if you and your family get on a 737 MAX just know that better software, more sensors and more aware pilots are the only thing keeping you from landing nose first. This is a horrible airplane but apparently until a plane-load of Americans bite the dirt, it's a software problem.
    The 737 was always a hot rod. In the 1970s the 100 & 200 series 737s were the fastest cruising airplanes in the Boeing fleet.

    I have no desire to get into an argument about this, but your case that technology "band aids" make the plane less safe isn't going to stop the already well advanced integration of technology into the airframes and the cockpits of every type of new model of aircraft from single GA piston to commercial airliners. Automated AOA limitation and other augmentation systems (call it MCAS or whatever else, that's what it is) are widespread throughout the commercial and high performance GA fleet now. The Airbus approach is to use the systems to protect the airplane from the pilots, fergawdsake. After AA 587 (which demonstrated conclusively you don't need to be flying a '37 Max for poorly trained pilots to kill all the passengers) maybe not such a bad idea?

    Boeing is anything but lily white on this one.

    With increased technology comes increased dependence on that technology.
    With increased dependence comes increased vulnerability when that technology fails.
    And fail it will.

    Anyone reading the full report of the Air France 447 Airbus accident into the Atlantic Ocean will understand your condemnation of Boeing over the use of, or dependence on technology is only partially valid.

    Once the 737 Max re-enters service it will arguably be the most scrutinized and safest airplane in the sky. I won't have any hesitation to board one. And I will continue to prefer it over Airbus. Any Airbus.

    As I have posted before, the best thing that could happen to Boeing Commercial Airplanes is to split it off from the defense businesses. They have different market drivers, different customers with different levels of available corruption, different economics and required corporate strategies. It's a lousy mix.
    Airbus also proves its a lousy mix with its repeating fiasco military efforts such as the POS A400M.
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