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Totally INSANE to use just one sensor & no pilot training !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best case:- The Plane needs to be "Cert" as a new plane-another 12-18 months
Worst Case:-It can't be "CERT", Boeing is TOAST

They should be HUNG!!!!!
I was going to make a sarcastic comment about Boeing management not having paid any attention in their risk analysis course, that it probably wasn't part of their MBA, and that all this short-term cost-cutting is like piking up the proverbial pennies in front of a steam-roller (i.e. disproportionally small opportunity for profit compared to the very real downside risk they are experiencing).

However, it seems Mr. Muilenburg didn't do an MBA but graduated in Aerospace Engineering and Aeronautics and Astronautics.

There were some anecdotes that Boeing commercial division started to tank after the management in charge of the Boeing defense division took over. If true, perhaps they miscalculated the size of the safety margin on commercial planes compared to the military grade stuff...