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With 310 total 737max orders, you might as well look for another carrier if you want to avoid this particular plane.

PS are the forward-mounted large engines really as much of an issue as you make it sound to be? I can see the issue of a badly designed MCAS that a lot of pilots were not aware of, but the engine design doesn't look too outrageous to me.
Hi Frank. They only have 34 currently and there are no concerns until at least April. If they put them in the air after that and don't allow me to work around them, I'll fly Delta. That's a fine airline...as airlines go. As for the forward mounting, I'm not an aeronautical engineer so I can't offer an opinion. That said, the combination of a less responsive engine in a less than ideal location and delivering the plane without fly-by-wire to avoid certification cycles, is at best troubling, at worst...well, we know the results from a worst case scenario.

I am possibly overly cautious for two reasons. The first is that my chances of being in a plane that experiences an event are 20-30 times greater than the casual flyer. I'm just in a lot of airplanes. It's simple probability. The 2nd which I may have mentioned here previously, is that I was on a Continental flight in the late 90s that should have crashed. We were landing at Houston IAH and at about 1,000 feet the starboard engine self destructed. The plane immediately began losing altitude and slicing off course toward the forest to the east of the airport. The trees were coming toward us so quickly I wasn't even hoping we'd survive but at about 500 feet the pilot got control of the plane and leveled it out. Why did we survive? Excellent old school Boeing plane, superb pilot and a CEO that took his job so seriously he would take the captain's seat with each new plane from Boeing in Seattle to Houston.

No pilot can control a MAX like that. It requires fly-by-wire to react quick enough to have a chance and we all know it's a jalopy so no one knows how this plane reacts in a critical failure condition. I'll let people I don't know take those chances.