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This is a very key point. No new cert, no training. Hey, everyone can fly this plane. Unfortunately, not so much. The shitty MCAS computer system was a band-aid to mask the real issues. Saying it caused the crash is like blaming a driver who rear-ended a Ford Pinto for bar-b-quing it's occupants. BTW, any reference to MCAS was left out of the manual. So you've got an old school fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants 737 with a cobbled on computer system that tries to nosedive your plane every time you're climbing too fast...what could possibly go wrong.
and no redundancy on the sensor, AND the warning light was an extra cost OPTION! [it was there, allowing pilots to think it was operational, but not connected except if the purchaser paid extra] boeing acquired mcdonnell douglas, but it was mcdonnell douglas bean counters instead of boeing engineers who wound up running the company. or should i say ruining the company.

the design was all about the benjamins, not about making a good passenger plane.

edit: what industry, what company, is not exactly like this now?