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Like medical doctors, engineers and scientists are painstakingly honest and forthright people. Boeing management is not undermining any of these people. The industry structures and silly management under which they work are quite broken, but not yet broken enough to change. It won't last forever. The structure will be punished but these people will continue to do great things under new structures.

On a personal note: I've given up trying to understand how unbelievably dumb people will act before life smacks them in the face enough times to give them a new point of view. See global warming discussions here a decade ago or the 2016 election which caused me to eventually stop posting because I couldn't tolerate the absolute dumb-fuckery of opinions on this site. Apparently, I've learned to accept things I can't control and work hard to direct things I can control. I can't stop Boeing from becoming one of the worst companies in the US but possibly I can help stop Southwest from putting the MAX back in the air, and if not, that's on SWA. That's a reasonable solution for me. Doctor, I think I'm cured.
With 310 total 737max orders, you might as well look for another carrier if you want to avoid this particular plane.

PS are the forward-mounted large engines really as much of an issue as you make it sound to be? I can see the issue of a badly designed MCAS that a lot of pilots were not aware of, but the engine design doesn't look too outrageous to me.