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    Quote Originally Posted by Mega View Post

    These guys have NO idea how bad this couldn't be covered up, so they should have told the truth right from the get-go.

    "Brave Iran, standing up to Bully America (that sort of stuff).........but they didn't when even the Dogs in the street knew the truth.

    We had their Am-bas-a-dor on UK TV last "assuring us" that NO way Iran armed forces did this.......

    Why would you say they have no idea how bad it looks? Are they somehow not in possession of all our common human frailties? Wouldn't their initial reticence imply that they themselves were trying to sort this out before making a statement? And is that particularly unusual or aberrant behavior from any state caught in such a compromising position? Do they have any justification at all to even suspect the possibility of some other explanation than accident and human error? Are there any entities in the world who are capable of doing such a thing, any who might benefit from it?

    Did it happen in a vacuum? Is there any context where, given a different set of circumstances, this tragedy might have been avoided entirely?

    And are our hands clean here? Are we free to cast stones in the knowledge that never in our history have similar tragedies occurred at our hand? Did we behave in a similarly confused and contradictory manner at the outset? Did we accept responsibility shortly after the event, or do we still qualify it, make justifications, and seek to distribute responsibility? Did the individuals in command face criminal sanction? Are we still, at this late date, withholding information? And have we ever formally apologized?

    This is a cataclysmic tragedy for the individuals involved. It looks bad because it is bad. Worse, it is a mere preview of what horrors are in store for more innocents and non-combatants should the war escalate. And rather than see it as evidence of our opponents inhumanity, we who hold ourselves up as exemplars, would do well to use it to end this senseless, stupid war.
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