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The TT is arguably the most dangerous racing event in the world. Speeds over 200 mph, average speed over 130 mph, 38 miles in 17+ minutes and like Le Mans it's run on city streets. Same course for 100+ years. You can see the level of spectator safety precautions in the video you posted. Kids on stools, right at the edge of the track with bikes going by at 160-200 mph. Nothing to worry about here, they're Brits, their grandparents survived WWII, and this is only a bike race.

If anyone is interested, below is video of the TT fastest lap. It makes those of us who club race on four wheels feel like we're having afternoon tea.

2 things about Isle of Man TT:

1) Likely to be the first race where Electrics defeat ICE.

TT Zero(electrics) time are within 9% of fastest recorded ICE lap and closing the gap incrementally each year.

For amateur racers only, it would likely already have reached parity based on ease of electric power management.

2) last year’s,winner Michael Dunlop is the newphewmof the greatest racing legend of all time, Joey Dunlop.

Joey won 3 Isle of Man hat tricks, and 26 races total.

No one have ever, or will ever, come close.

But sadly he died racing Estonia. Leaving me thinking poorly prepared tracks are possibly the most dangerous?

Isle of Man is crazy dangerous.

It’s beyond calculated risk.

It’s the freedom to race with reckless abandon.