Right now Musk is riding high, he beat the Pedo case, he beat SCC (Funding sercured)
the MSM is letting him off everything, all his lies etc........all going his way......apart from his company not making profit.

Up to this point he had the field to himself, no longer:-

He now has to face the "Big boys"

He has not re-skinned his larger cars, the model 3 sales "blipped" then fell away.....he can't sell his CO2 credits this time a round. Also model 3 sales have eaten into other (more profitable) models.

The Cyber truck looks crap & is likely to not be fully tested, its funny that he based the styling on a 70's Lotus Espirt because Chapman always "allowed" the 1st 5 years of customers to finish the R+D for him. It will be full of faults.

Also bear in mind that we 7-9 years from the start of major production of Tesla saloon cars, meaning the battery packs are now entering their final phase of life........dead battery pack tales fill in the internet.

2020 is THE most important year for Tesla.