I don't see Tesla going bankrupt any time soon, not that I think that the stock is a good investment. It seems Tesla's diehard fans have no limit in regards to the amount of money they're willing to pony up to keep the company going. I'm absolutely astonished that Tesla has continued to be able to raise large amounts of capital and this year was no exception. Maybe the WeWork debacle is the beginning of the end to the free money for companies that will never make a profit? Will the Fed's recent "this is not QE" cause further malinvestment?

On the subject of the batteries, I read an article about a month ago that indicated that the Tesla batteries are very long-lived. They may not necessarily have the charge capacity of when they were new but they should still be more than adequate for a commuter car.


The relevant statement:

The data shows that the average Tesla battery still provides over 90% of the original range up until around 150,000 miles on the odometer. Past 150,000 miles it seems that the range starts to drop off, but cars in the survey still delivered over 82% of their original range even at the highest mileage levels.