There was a reson electric cars were dumped for Gas power......its better!
All those BTU's of energy in a quick, easy way to "charge" the car.

Tesla could only be at a time like this, insane lose money every where....mad "Tax Credits".

A sudden depression & tight money would stuff them over night......but I can't see any sign of them coming so what to do?

1. Flood the market with cheap(er) models.
2. Try to link Telsa & Wokeness (SJW's) .......the "Woke" thing has almost run its course, its about to fall out of fashion we need Tesla to be dragged down with it.
3. Lots of story on Youtube about the great harm being cause by producing the chemicals for the battery.
4. Lots of story on youtube about how "Un-green" the electric power is.
5. Lots of story about how much am electric "Supercharger" is to use (am told it works out near Gas pump price)
6. Lots of story about how the government is about to charge you per mile (thus you non-green electric car will cost much the same as a petrol power one)
7. point out Tesla's camera system will be used by Tesla/ insurance company to hang you in a car crash if its your fault (Big Brother sort of thing)

..............then get the shorts to start on Tesla stock