I been thinking that this might be a good time to go Long on oil.

Greta Thornberg/Musk etc......."we don't need no stinking oil"
Fracking boom now failing

As for our beloved Tree hugging politco's whom have mostly NEVER had a real job in their lives thus little grip on how the World fuctions.......
Pay backs a bitch!

Take Germany, That fat uglay ex Stasi bitch that runs it said proudly how there are days when Germany burns no Cole or Gas & is powered just by Green engery.
She "forgot" to say anything about the nuclear power imported from France Or the Cole minned in de Fatherland is shipped to Poland, where its burnt in power stations....the power is then exported BACK to Germany !!!!

I said it once, I say it again............once we have an DEPRESSION, this Green/electric car shit is over!