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Thread: Trump:- Looking good (Job numbers)

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    And to the North, in Canuckistan, the news is maybe not quite so rosy. The private sector took the biggest hit.

    I was originally going to use this post as an excuse to reprise the "Tale of Two Economies" thread. But perhaps sleeping dogs...

    After years of systematically chasing away capital investment, using the tax system to attack entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, sacrificing the resource sectors on the altar of climate change, and focusing more on cartoon socks and Indian male bridal regalia instead of the welfare of his citizen voters, the sanctimonious narcissist that passes for our Prime Minister may finally begin to understand repeatedly incompetent policy choices ultimately result in negative consequences.

    Imagine that.

    Maybe his new Minister of Middle Class Prosperity (no, that is NOT from a Monty Python skit; it is, alas, all to real**) will create some "high paying green economy jobs" to fill the gaping void.

    **From the National Post:
    "...Then thereís Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortierís new job. I literally assumed people were joking about the Liberalsí obsessive branding, but itís true: No word of a lie, she is an Associate Minister of Finance and, specifically, the Minister of Middle Class Prosperity.

    Should a government need a minister whose job is to ensure Canadians are prospering? One might reasonably hope thatís the goal of pretty much any minister when she rolls out of bed in the morning. But they sure donít always act that way, so maybe a Minister for Making People Richer isnít such a bad thing..."

    Canadian economy shed 71K jobs in November ó biggest loss since the financial crisis

    December 6, 2019 8:44 am

    The Canadian November labour market posted its biggest monthly job loss and largest unemployment upswing since the financial crisis over a decade ago, Statistics Canada data show. The economy shed 71,200 jobs last month, while the jobless rate jumped to 5.9 per cent, up from 5.5 per cent in October...

    ...The goods-producing sector lost 26,600 jobs in the month as the number of manufacturing jobs fell by 27,500 jobs and the natural resources sector shed 6,500...

    ...Regionally, Ontario and Prince Edward Island were the only provinces to see job growth in the month. Quebec lost 45,100 jobs in November due to a decline in manufacturing as well as accommodation and food services. Alberta and B.C. both lost 18,200 jobs.
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