JLR hoped to get into bed with Peugeot, which was bankrupt itself a few years ago before China bought in. Peugeot ARE in bed with BMW (engine design/production)...JLR is now forced to buy BMW engines for some of its stock.

JLR had put its hopes in its 2 litre turbo diesel.......sadly emisions from 2021 means the motor can't pull its SUV's to 60 mph in less than 10 secs. So +50 K for a "Car" that can't crack 117 mph or 60 mph in 10 secs v BMW/Audi/Merc who can give you either hybrid or ev that can half that 0-60 time.

After playing hard ball with Peugeot they were some what taken a back when Peugeot bought Fiat (Who own JEEP!)

BMW said they be delighted to do more business with JLR ...........but this is UNLIKELY to be joint vehicle ventures!

JLR "worked" their books to show a profit, the Indian company is about to learn JUST how hard & how much cash is needed to invest......on going investment.....