Two web sites at which I look are and A fair number of single posts show up on both sites. Often investments in gold and silver are touted to the point that it stirs my contrarian spirit, or at least dampens my sense of being bullish. jk in a few days ago posted a forum about asset allocation in which he wrote he had on May 9th 26% of his portfolio in precious metals (58% in GLD, 15% in SLV, 12% in TGLDX, 7% in PASS, and 5% in NEM)

Personally I have 8.29% in CEF (gold and silver) and 2.67% in SLV.

EJ wrote he has been in precious metals since 2001 but hasn't written to what degree he is presently serious about PM's.

Are any of the 6,041,275 visitor to this site beside jk and me willing to share how committed they are to precious metals? If so, put it down.