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grg, do you think mbs could eventually become a chinese client? [ksa and china recently signed a deal that was to make ksa china's foremost supplier.]
I'm sure GRG will have his own response.

My thoughts on it are:

1)China kept Mugabe's Zimbabwe alive for decades and continues to do so in transition(50+ year geopolitical relationship between Mugabe's ZANLA/China).

2)China kept the Sri Lankan government alive and supported their decisive liquidation of the Tamil Tigers(Sri Lanka is part of China's geopolitical string of pearls SLOC plan).

3)China has considerable geopolitical and economic interests in keeping the Chavez/Maduro zombie regime in Venezuela alive.

Past performance is indicative of future performance.

One little known area of considerable cooperation between Saudi & China is Saudi Arabia Strategic Missile Force.

Saudi reportedly possesses up to several hundred Chinese medium range ballistic missiles, which would fit the Saudi doctrine of ordering something to happen(contractors) or just pressing a button(managed by contractors).

China is also a close ally of Pakistan.

Pakistan's nuclear program was funded with massive support from Saudi Arabia.

Many believe that if threatened sufficiently Pakistan would airlift nuclear warheads to be fitted onto Saudi's Chinese missiles as part of some nebulous security agreement between Saudi/Pakistan that better ensures regime continuity.

China could just sit back and stage manage Pakistan/Saudi analogous to what they do with North Korea for Chinese advantage.

It would also provide the top cover required for MBS to liquidate all opposition.

High level insider attacks against MBS could be an option.

Days prior to the quiet coup to topple long time China ally Mugabe, coup leader Chiwenga met in China with senior Chinese leadership.

Just my 0.02c.