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I assume they us GPS to guide them?............so why would Jamming not be effective?
A local radar set to point a high power microwave beam that would "fry" the chips?

With all their wealth they could not defend agasint this?
There are both multiple methods for guidance of drones(GPS, terrain comparison, optical , other) as well as defeat of drones(GPS jamming/spoofing, RF spectrum jamming/spoofing, kinetic options.

The last 3 years has seen a wide range of counter-drone solutions developed. Some are absolute rubbish, others are quite solid.

For exceptionally high value targets a layered defence would be a recommended and likely option.

18 months ago Syrian rebels attacked a Russian base with a drone swarm with mixed results.

This seems more like a drone version of Mumbai 2008, exhibiting early signs of professional planning, command, control, and execution.