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...Once the remain parties decided to gang together; he had no choice but to concede a full on election. My thoughts are also with all those candidates that have to step back and wait.
Looks like Farage made the right move after all. The Brexit Party has hammered Labour all over the country, particularly in Leave areas but down in Remain areas too. His standing down changed the election completely and it's arguable that Farage showed skillful leadership by putting country ahead of ego. It's still early in the count, but there's no doubt that the British people still back Brexit and donít want a second referendum. Justified or not, the price of ignoring the 2016 vote is being paid by Jeremy Corbyn tonight. Traditional Labour heartlands are falling, some they have held since the 20's and some are electing their first Tory MPs ever. So far, it's looking like the biggest Conservative victory since 1987 and Labour's worst showing since 1935. When the dust settles, it might well be that the damage done to Labour was at the hands of the Brexit Party. Farage and his party may be a footnote in British political history, but he is the main figure responsible for catalysing support for Brexit. The Brexit Party has clearly played a massive role in reducing Labour votes and seats and altering the course of British political history. It appears Nigel is well on his way to seeing his mission completed.