"It is far more likely than not that the standard Holocaust narrative is at least substantially false, and quite possibly, almost entirely so." Ron Unz

The most telling thing about the Unz article linked to above is that the comments contain the phrase "Perhaps that's" over 100 times.

"Key difference is its not monolithic. You got the choice to decide if you want to hear Murdoch's truth or Bezos' every time you pick whether to open the Journal or the Post. Suppose the key problem comes in when there are ideas that both Murdoch and Bezos and the rest of their ilk all wanna push or stop. That's when stuff either gets too much oxygen or snuffed out."

Ironically, the only way to get the truth is limit yourself to a handful of journalist and read everything they write...George Galloway...https://www.rt.com/op-ed/466983-ghis...axwell-epstein