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Military operations are dangerous. Even in peacetime people get killed.
Sure. Only when your daddy is a Vice Admiral and you go blue on blue, you get a slap on the wrist, promoted to Commander, and a chance at a flag of your own. Or if your daddy is CINCPAC and you collaborate with the enemy in exchange for special treatment, you get to be a US Senator and a chance at the White House.

"A few years ago, I drew upon the Times and other fully mainstream sources to strongly suggest that McCain’s stories of his torture as a POW were probably fictional, invented to serve as a cover and an excuse for the very real record of his wartime collaboration with his Communist captors. Indeed, at the time our American media reported his activities as one of the leading propagandists of our North Vietnamese foes, but these facts were later flushed down the memory-hole. McCain’s father then ranked as one of America’s top military officers, and it seems likely that his personal political intervention ensured that the official narrative of his son’s wartime record was transmuted from traitor to war-hero, thereby allowing the younger McCain to later embark upon his celebrated political career."

And when the collaborator dies, everyone says "awww, how sweet" when a war criminal hands candy to another war criminal's wife at the collaborator's state funeral. The war criminal eulogizes the collaborator and the state-run media tells us soothing stories of the good old days that never were, of the courage that was cowardice, and of the decency that never was.

Because this is America, where the good guys always win and the truth always triumphs.