Maybe so. But I imagine we're talking about a handful. Maybe 4. Almost certainly not more than 40. Out of probably 4,000 in their class. Pre-internet, they'd just be weirdos. And if some school shrink set up play-doh for them one time, nobody would have ever heard about it. The internet has a weird habit of amplifying irrelevant annoyances and underplaying big shit. I mean, for fuck's sake, there have been more asylum seekers at the souther border of the US in 2018 than total people interned in Japanese camps from 1942 to 1946. Yet play-doh in Providence one time back in 2015 is still drawing attention. I get that it's silly. I'm not oblivious. I just don't get the panic. I mean, I live not a far drive away. The place is lefty. And weird. It has been since 1630. Nothing seems like it's spinning off its axis though.