I note that China is to give us their 5G tec & I see China "investments" everywhere.........I recall the collapse of 2007 & then PM Gordon Brown saying that China would be "allowed" to buy British bank debts but not British firms or Bricks & mortor projects............then as 2008 came in a blind panic he jumped on a plane to see the Prez of China to DEMAND they bailed British banks out........China didn't roll out the Red carpet, he only got to see their Prime Minster of ONE small part of China!

Now I see China's name every where, even when I pass Manchester airport every day ........they taken over.

I think what the Limey scum are up to is to sort of try to be a "cross roads" to ECCP/USA/ fact they just a cheap whore whom climbed into a new bed. They tried this sh1t after WW2 when they "acc-er-dent-ly" gave Russia a few Jet engines, which Russia put in the Mig 15 !...........had a slip up which saw a large number of Atomic sercuty information "fall into CCCP agents hands"

Britan was going to play off America V Russia, they would hold the balance of power, they decide what was fact they just fell on their Limey ass, time & time again......The Suez clusterf*ck showed what a has been piss poor nation they were!

Just think, 100 years ago, (nothing in time) Britian still ruled the World.........Now the very People it sort to control, control them!