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Manchester ringway airport was given the score of 127th out of 132 airports resent international review ..........the other 5 where in the 3rd world/war zones.

I had bitter dealing with them ref my job, simply can't believe even today 5 years after the event how they behaved that day..........may they rot in Hell.

LOL. First world problem?

Maybe one way to cut the carbon footprint.

Last decade, when I was living in the Middle East and had a flat in London, I did a bit of work in Nigeria. Flew BA back and forth between LHR and Lagos. Every trip out of Nigeria heading north required a short flight into the airport at neighboring Accra, Ghana. To fill up the 747-400 with enough fuel to get to Heathrow.

Nigeria is an OPEC nation. But the corruption and incompetence is so bad it could not maintain an adequate jet fuel supply at Lagos airport. In fact it couldn't even keep the water running for the toilets in the business class lounge either.

As I have posted before, I considered Nigeria the "ultimate capitalist society". If you need your road paved you hire a paving contractor and do it yourself. If you need reliable power you buy a generator and arrange for your own fuel supply. If you want good telephone service you put a satellite phone dish on your roof and arrange for an Iridium account. And on it went. It was a real insight into what happens when government doesn't work. At all.