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their website makes it look like a royalty/streming co., if so why pick them over the other royalty and streaming companies?
you describe buying physical from them, but that's not what the website addresses at all.

if it's to hold/trade physical, why pick them over goldmoney or bullionvault?
They say explicitly they are a royalty/streaming company on their website

"By providing upfront financing to established producers and explorers, RS Resources has secured streaming, royalty and equity positions generating free cash flow and tremendous upside."

From the viewpoint of the mine, this is what we used to talk about around here as the mine's hedge book, selling future production at a defined price today.

When the gold price increased consistently from 2000 to 2012 we talked about mines unwinding their hedge book because they were missing the price gains and wanted to capture the higher prices.
Perhaps we should take note that miners are now more willing to increase their hedge books under the new name of "royalties and streaming"
It might mean big gold miners expect prices to drift down over the next few years, so they are happy to lock in a price now for delivery later.
Of course, those very same big miners were caught dead wrong ten years ago about the future price of their gold.