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The programme reports without question or evidence what the military tell them. The news agencies are stuffed with ex-military. You do remember that there were no WMD found in Iraq despite all the "evidence" the US and UK "intelligence agencies" found. It was a fiction supported by the free media.
If you read the Intercept article the supposed suspect noise was a "male cricket!!!!" . You couldn't make it up. The independent free press are only reporting what the military feed them. Has this free press checked the veracity of the claims? Or are they just repeating what they are told to without question?
And finally consider this....if the US system is so good them how come the poverty struck Chinese and Russians are producing these magical weapons when the US spends more on its military than the entire rest of the world put together.
If you seriously believe the Chinese and Russians have secret microwave weapons because 60 minutes says so then that proves the success of US propaganda in brainwashing its own population.
As for free press....it does what the owners tell it to do. I
Take Venezuala for example.....
I don't know what you are smoking but that's so far off the charts of even left wing lies that it boggles the mind.

Guaido is a socialist, not a right winger. And the American press has been no friend of the military since the Pentagon Papers and Vietnam.

FAIR appeals to be a left wing rag to create lies to support tyranny.

Over 3 million have fled Venezuela:


The liberal press has many articles pointing to microwave weapons from China and Russia: