I guess the big problem with the GA cityhood movement is that you can only pull that trick so many times. If a state doesn't have home rule and allows you to carve out a wealthier part of the city and declare it a new city with none of the debt obligations of the old, so be it. But how many times can you pull that trick? Can only balkanize so much. It essentially turns the old City/county into a "bad bank," just a dumping ground for past debt obligations. It's pretty standard private equity style playbook.

So they carved out this new city in 2005 or something. No employees. No past obligations. Tabula rasa. Then they bought an old Target store in 2008 for the city hall. But you can only pull that trick once. And you need a state legislature willing to do it, and state muni law congenial to it happening.

It's not an easy thing to copy everywhere. And even if you could, it's definitely robbing Peter to pay Paul. It won't actually fix any underlying issues. Just transfers debt to one entity and assets to another. Like I said, standard Private Equity playbook.