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... On a PC, you can download something called "KODI TV", which is an open source and free software... which IS legal. ... I will warn that this platform is not idiot proof and if you aren't good with computers, it's probably going to be frustrating setting it up.
To add ... one can get a Raspberry Pi 3 with a wireless keyboard & built-in trackpad for $100 CAD with a 3-year replacement warranty. I have 5 Operating systems installed on them (LibreElec is for KODI). Covenant & Exodus are the only 2 add-ons you really need. A VPN service is a must though ($50 USD/year) - but I always have one anyways. Admittedly I run deep technically - but KODI setup instructions are amongst the best on the internet. My wife is a total Luddite (she's OK with me saying that as she calls me her I.T. guy) and although she didn't configure them - she can use them with ease. As a bonus, you can run game emulators, Libre Office (full MS Office interchangeability) and web surf on a Raspberry Pi as well. That's a lot of functionality for a $100 device that does HDMI and fits in the palm of your hand.

I'm certain you know all this Adeptus - but I expand here for others.