Hi, I just wanted to pass this along, since I imagine at least some of you may have cut your cable service but still want to watch some financial news networks - legally, and for free.

The quick answer is you can watch bloomberg live "TV", by simply going to https://pluto.tv , then scrolling through the various free channels on there and selecting Bloomberg.

You'll note you can also watch RT (Russian Television), which is a Russian state sponsored American news channel. This channel often focuses on financial related news.. but you can pretty much expect the polar opposite of the likes of MSNBC. I watch it once in a while, just to get an opposite perspective of mainstream... but I listen to anything on there with a huge grain of salt.

As far as watching many other news channels for free. In most countries, what I am about to tell you may not be legal, but in some of them it is... so I am sharing it with you anyway, but understand that if it is illegal, you may have some authority come knocking at your door eventually. On a PC, you can download something called "KODI TV", which is an open source and free software... which IS legal. Think of it as just a media player... it comes with zero content. Then, after you download it, you can add "plug-ins"/ or "add-ons". It is some of these video addons that may or may not be legal. Some of them are, some of them may not be. That's as far as I will go. You'll need to do more research. I will warn that this platform is not idiot proof and if you aren't good with computers, it's probably going to be frustrating setting it up. For more info on how to setup Kodi, check out some videos on Youtube.

Good luck,