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Thread: Volvo "Limit" their cars to 112 mph

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    Default Volvo "Limit" their cars to 112 mph

    Volvo (self-rightous bastards) have decided to "limit" all their new cars to 112 mph.
    Given that most of their cars are going to have to replace Diesels with Hybrids (& eletric) i suspect i know why, here a clue.

    New Honda Cross over Hybrid Top Speed ...........112 mph
    Toyota Hybrids (Pruis etc) Top Speed...................112 mph.

    In other words, in order to hit their "Cafe" requirements they going to have to follow Japan. However never one to miss a trick rather than hide the fact, they gone with "we doing it for saftey" bulsh1t.

    In this sprint Mega has "Limit" himself to NO Hollywood film stars for sex................


    Ps Volvo's sports dept (Polestar) will NOT be limted.....
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