I was shocked, when AOC appeared on the map i was excited, thought she might be something new..............
Sadly not, this bat-sh1t crazy ex bartender has almost no understanding of the real World.......does she expect people to stop flying?
Has no told her about the "Free market".....how it finds the best most effecfient ways of producing goods/services that people require?

As for giving over paid job to those whom don't wish to work...........

I read up as much information as i can on this plan and it like something a 12 year old school kid would produce.

I recall my teacher (Bitch knew very little of anything) when i was a lad back in 1976 shouting at me because my father worked in rubber ind (Wellinton Boots/Dunlop). The Stilly cow had read it took so many gallons of water to produce a car tyre, i tried to correct her by saying that the water was used to cool the production plant down, she hit the roof.

Showed the class the steam coming off the lasts (molds)......."You see Michael, the water is turned to gas & is GONE"

"But Miss, it turned to water vapour like boiling a Tea pot"..........when it cools it will return to water again"

She Blew!

Over the next year i noticed that this woman would BLOW at anyone for any thing at certain time in the Month.......i bet AOC is the same.