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Hear, hear! I was talking in an earlier thread about the US potentially becoming a net exporter of students by 2030. And this will be a big part of that.
I will not shell out $200k for my girl to go to US college.
Not worth it.
She'd be better off to put the $200k in dividend stocks and take a two year course in pipe welding.
Come out of it with near 0 debt and excellent career prospects.

What I expect is that she will go to college in Canada or central europe (she is fluent in Polish).

The perspective she will get from 4 years in another country would greatly out weigh any advantage
from going to a "top school" in America.

(And I'm the one who studied at one of these "top schools")

Tuition and Health Care: the public policy & cultural bogies that are ruining this country, even more than FIRE and the Military.
(not that the military cost isn't bad eough)