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I almost entirely agree, with one main exception. I don't buy the idea that they are deporting fewer people because Trump wants to keep the labor supply high. That may be the reason for more visas, but I don't think it extends to people here illegally. Deportations are rising, not falling. Yes, they were higher at some points during Obama's two terms, but they were trending down for years and now the trend is reversing.

I'm not sure the deportation number provides a clear picture of the President's wishes/strategy/actions anyway. Did Obama want to deport a lot of people early in his presidency and then change his mind? As you said, there are other factors that influence immigration policy and enforcement.

How would Trump even put this into action without it making headlines? I assume if he wanted to lighten up enforcement it would have to be communicated to the rank and file agents. A story that Trump wanted to step up enforcement wouldn't garner much attention, but certainly one that said the opposite would raise eyebrows, right?
It doesn't have to be intentional even. Take a department. Leave a ton of leadership posts empty. The department runs less efficiently. Easy.