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Good call, on the surface. A newcomer with a relatively blank slate onto which bits and pieces of voter preference can be written as the campaign goes on, ala Obama, starting with "opposite of Trump" positioning of "love for each other and for our country." Ideal as a marketing campaign president for more of the same policies as Bush and Obama but without the Trump crazy.
She was highly involved in the Great Recession & its aftermath, actively choosing to look the other way while a San Francisco DA & then as the AG of the state of California.
She is arguably the reason that not one single bank executive went to prison for rampant fraud all across California when the housing market blew up.
She was AG from 2011 to 2017, when the location of all the buried bodies from the crash were known. In addition she was DA of San Francisco from 2004-2011 and thus was a willful participant in looking the other way in one of the hottest parts of the nation while all the mortgage, securitization and servicing fraud was going on during the bubble itself.
She knew good and damn well that WaMu, for example, was paying out more in dividends than it had in free cash flow, making up the difference with "capitalized interest" -- in other words, exploding "teaser rate" loans that negatively amortized
That mean's she'll get plenty of campaign contributions from deep pockets painting her as a new and different path while in reality she represents a continued bet on failed policies from the recent past.