Just a quick note of thanks to all of you who kept the iTulip Forums going with your contributions to the conversations here over the past several years while I pursued an ambitious project with my co-founder to create a new kind of exercise based on VR and a new sport vSports based on it. Without you there'd be no iTulip to re-start.

It appears that my latest theory of the Fed's new dual mandate of macro-economy management and financial system stability via active asset price inflation will be put to the test soon. Watching Powell's latest speech it sounds to me like he's warming up the financial markets both for a pause in rate hikes and a justification for future active asset price inflation via LDAP: following the Great Recession the Fed is now in the financial system stability business. He focusses on preventative measures taken since the last crisis but by officially adding financial system stability to the Fed's mandate he's opened the door for the Fed to take action to prevent financial markets from crashing within that expanded policy framework. We'll find out soon enough.